Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elder Pinnock

David has been transferred to Fresno, California waiting for his Mexican VISA. He was excited to begin 'real missionary work'.

From his last letter in the MTC:
"Yes, I have been reassigned to Fresno, California Spanish speaking. They are still having problems with VISAs so this is where I'll be until it comes. I am actually really excited to go somewhere in the U.S. before Mexico. It should be a better transition from the MTC into the mission field. I know now that there is no possible way someone could be 100% ready for their mission and if one of these people exists he is a pretty cool guy. I have learned a ton since I've been here and I have kept a really good study journal (it is my best friend). I think the most important thing I have learned in the MTC is to be obedient. There were a lot of lessons, firesides and devotionals about obedience. It really is easy as soon as you get a habit of doing it. I just hope I get a companion that is completely obedient."

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