Thursday, October 14, 2010

Elder Litton leaving MTC

Scott was chosen to sing in the Priesthood choir at General Conference. He said "Singing at the Conference Center was sooo awesome. It's crazy standing up there, knowing you're singing to the world... The spirit was super strong.. and if you watch it online you can see all the general authorities turn around right when we start singing. For everyone who didn't see me, you can watch it on I'm in the last sing "Called To Serve" in the bottom corner for like 3 seconds. Just a little dot in the corner.. ha ha... It was way funny to watch all the people in the crowd trying to get the attention of their kids or brothers right after conference ended. Some of them had even made up a dance...

So this is my last week at the MTC. I'm stoked on Texas! I'm so ready to actually do the work. I might need some work on my Spanish though, ha ha. The church is awesome. It's Pure, Simple, Logical. It just all makes sense and it's full of Hope.

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