Thursday, October 14, 2010

Elder Ward

From up hike up on Victoria Peak, above Hong Kong:

This was with our summer missionary. We climbed the wall instead of walking down the hundreds of steps. He was terrified ha ha. It's not as big as it looks.

JJ and his companion, Elder Quinn, stayed in West Point this move and both are happy about it. Things have picked up there and they're hoping to have some pretty good success. Right now they have the "most golden of Golden investigators". Peter Chan is awesome. JJ and JD met him on the street and he has been so open to the gospel. He has set a baptism date of October 10. Because he's 16 it's possible his parents won't consent to his baptism so prayers would be appreciated!
Street contacts are always interesting and we had two particularly interesting; one guy yelled at us that we should convert to Buddhism! Another guy seemed very interested in talking with us and offered us each a cigarette. We had to tell him we didn't smoke. Then he wanted our phone number so he could call us and go out for a drink; we had to tell him we didn't drink. Then he saw we were sharing a cell phone and he thought we might be gay. We had to tell him we pretty much liked girls but right now we were missionaries and our focus was sharing the gospel! We have his number and it will be pretty crazy if we see him again.
I'm looking forward to conference (which we won't get to see until the week after you guys do) and to staying in West Point. Here are some pictures - the first i'm offering a helping hand to our summer missionary. The other two are from a hike we took to Victoria Peak with some of our ward members, who are pretty awesome by the way.

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