Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elder Litton in Texas

So this has been a pretty good week. We pretty much knocked doors...mostly in trailer parks...and talked to everyone we saw all day every day. And well, it worked how we wanted it to work...we have more people to teach. About half speak only spanish so I'm stoked on that. Investigators are a little hard to come by around here, especially hispanic investigators, so when we have one we don't want to screw it up so my comp dosen't really let me speak (or at least try and speak) as much as I would like but that's ok...listening helps too.

We knocked on this lady's doors whose name is Maria. Spanish name but go figure she prefers to speak english. Anyways she let us in and pretty much the first thing she said was I was born a catholic and i will die a catholic.... but despite that she was willing to listen probably because at the begining we were willing to listen to her. She has had a hard life...she has two sets of twins die as babies and her husband took her kids away for like 7 years when they were young. She is now a grandma and lives with her son in a little town called Brookshire. So well...to make a long story short we taught her the first lesson...The spirit was so strong. We were towards the end and we were talking about how you need to pray if you want to know and she stopped us....She said "wait a second...just let me tell you something" My companion and I were like NOOOOO...it was going so good but then came her reply, "I feel you are an answer to my prayers" She said I wasn't gonna say anything but I feel the catholic church is becoming to commercialized and this might be what I'm looking for.... so we promised her it was and at the end we asked her to pray. She said she wanted one of us to so I said after I pray it will be your turn.....and then I prayed and said amen and kept my eyes closed and my arms folded and waited....I think my comp was a little confused too but I just sat there and waited and then she started to pray...it was awesome. We left her with a Book of Mormon...all we had were spanish and she could not read well in spanish but Elder Rupp promised her she would understand it if she truly wanted to cause God didn't want her to wait.... Anyways we go back to Brookshire soon so we will see how that went. It was a pretty good spiritual boost. We found a few other investigators this week that had lots of questions and we have appointments with them so I'm pretty stoked on that. Its a pretty slow area like I have said before so its good to have some people and i feel like if we keep working as hard as we have we will find more. We helped a few inactives come to church this week so that was good too. Well....that's about it. Hope everything is going good for whoever this email goes too..

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