Sunday, March 27, 2011

Elder Ward

JJ is talking to the guy that had a bow staff or something that loved smoking.

The mustache is real

Been trying to get to know the new area. Aberdeen is really awesome, totally different from West Point. Our ward is really supportive and has already given us two referrals. When Elder Cho and i go out finding, we never know who we'll meet - a kung fu master one time, a 70 year old blind man another, Hong Kong is just an amazing city.
3/10/11 Well, it's been an ENTIRE YEAR! That's crazy. Can't believe how fast the time has gone. I'm starting to get the hang of Chinese and of missionary work. We pick up some new investigators, we lose some of the older ones, and on goes the cycle. We've given out two baptismal dates this week; one has fallen through and we're praying the other will happen.
Next week we have another moves call. If i stay in Aberdeen, i'll have lived almost that entire year in Kennedy Town, serving in the same district! Good thing i love it here. I've also grown to love the scriptures and the guidance they give us; studying the Book of Mormon has been so amazing. I love being here and love and miss you all

Elder Ward

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