Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elder Aaron Johnson

Dear Family members,

We have had a lot of blessings this week!! So on Tuesday we met with Kenny and taught him the plan of salvation. It was an extremely good lesson. During that lesson we extended a baptisimal date to him for March 26th! He accepted and started asking all about what he needs to do to prepare for that day and how he can do it. His grandpa (he is 20 years old and just moved from Houston into his Grandparents house to take care of them) said you know your going to have to stop smoking and take out those earings. When hearing that Kenny took out his earings on the spot and we havent seen them in yet. So he is definately ready to go for March 26th. The only problem I can forsee is the smoking and he told us that he has lived in and out of homeless shelters and was even homeless for a couple of years in Houston. He said that he has gotten into some bad stuff and has been in and out of jail. So tomorrow when we teach him we will find out if he is on parole or probation or not...if he is then he would have to wait till he was off to get baptized. Actually he found his grandparents through facebook...and thats how he found them and now is living with them to take care of them. He is so sincere and is a very caring person...he does nothing all day except take care of his grandparents. He is definately one of the Lords elect. I feel so lucky to be teaching him.

Then on Wednesday we taught Michelle (who is still praying about March 26th as a baptisimal date) the 4th lesson. Specifically praying, scripture study, law of chastity, and word of wisdom. The lesson as always was an extremely spiritual lesson. she accepted everything that we taught up until the word of wisdom. She LOVES coffee. She says that she loves everything about coffee...the smell, the taste, the sound of it being made...everything (in her words). She did committ to living the word of wisdom. she was really hesitant at first...but as i was teaching her i could feel my tongue be loosed by the spirit. I don't eve remember what was said or how it was said all I know is that it was not us speaking. I shared my favorite scripture in the whole book of mormon and the bible (ether 12:6) where is talks about how we will not recieve a witness until after the trial of our faith (i love this scripture!!) and is seemed to calm her nerves. the the member offered to giver her a priesthood blessing. so we gave her one and you guys know my testimony of priesthood blessings after the experience with Pat and Jerri. So i know that she can give up coffee. she also asked us to find some scriptures to help her overcome this. So during our study the next morning we searched everywhere for scriptures and as we were searching...i thought to look for a conference talk that would help her. (those are considered scripture) i said a prayer right before i started thumbing through the last conference issue of the ensign. i believe that i was led to give her the talk by President Henry B Eyring entitled "Trust God then Go and Do" (you guys should look it up). this one jumped out to me. i knew that she needed to read this. On sunday when we saw her she said that she is not worried about it...the combination of the priesthood blessing and the conference talk comforted her. She is most definately the Lords elect and i feel very humbled that I could be the tool in the Lords hands to help her come unto Christ. We could possibly have a baptisimal date set with her this wednesday (March 26th).

Yesterday we taught Darian and Ally (Steve Scotts kids) and Ally has chosen to be baptized on March 26th!!! She is very excited!! I am really excited to see Steve baptize her!! Darian is still really unsure that he want to be baptized (hes just being a regular 14 year old boy)...but i know he will come around.

So if all goes according to plan(which i hope it does)...we could have 4 baptisms next month. Ive Chaug (March 19th), Kenny Bowring (March 26th), Ally Scott (March 26th), and the date that Michelle is praying about is March 26th also. So March 26th could probably be the busiest day of my life!! I feel so blessed...i don't understand it...i mean i work hard and i try to be 100% obediant but do i really deserve this Humbles me. Hopefully i can live up to the blessings that our companionship is recieving.

Well i got to go Love you

Elder Johnson

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