Sunday, January 23, 2011

Luke's in Bora Bora

hey family Im writing you from bora bora. I got transfered here two weeks ago and im loving it. My compaion is an american who finishes in march, and the other is a new tahitian that we're training. we're working really hard and its amazing here. the members work so hard and everyone is more accepting of the gospel here compared to punaauia. Im convinced that this is tied for the greatest place in the world with salt lake city. we have some great investiagtors, and I'm having a lot of fun. we eat even more here than on tahiti, and the food is really good. we're on bikes and we have half the island and two other elders have the other half. our area is pretty big so we have some long rides sometimes, so I dont have to worry so much about eating a lot. I was really excited to start a new phase of my mission. oh and our house is a mansion compared to our first house, which is really nice.

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