Saturday, January 8, 2011

Elder Ward

A man was on vacation in Hong Kong and ran into "4 very happy elders" at the Stanley Market. He said "They all appear to be healthy, well and having a good time together Christmas shopping for their families. We spoke for awhile and all enjoyed their missionary work. The only eye roll I saw was when I asked how the language was coming. 'It's hard but is getting better.' they say. My hats off to these young men and the work they do." Here's the picture he sent their families.

So what's been happening in Hong Kong these days? Brother Wong is good for his baptism on Sunday (Dec 19). Our new investigator Brother Ng is starting to recognize the spirit when we teach him and we have a couple of new is good. Oh, and there is that Christmas eve phone call.
We've had a couple of funny finding experiences-first there was the man in the park who would rather play his harmonica and dance than listen to us talk about the gospel. Then there was the lady who was playing with a Chinese hacky sack, complete with feathers and gingles. We went up to talk with her and she kicked the hacky sack our way so we ended up playing for a few minutes, just in our suits, wearing our backpacks. We got her number though so that was good. I love Hong Kong. Everday I just get to walk around and meet new people and it's great.
It's been rainy and cold the last few days. Last night I had to sleep in my jeans because I didn't have any sweats and it was so cold. Humidity is kind of a killer - the heat is hotter and the cold is colder. Even so, I miss the snow!
I stayed in Kennedytown last moves and my new companion is Elder Lamb; he's from the St. George area. When we go out finding, we work pretty well together and we've been getting lots of phone numbers. We're both pretty tall and Elder Lamb is just an overall big human sooo maybe we've just been scaring people into giving us their numbers, but whatever works, right?
We're going to an all you can eat Mexican buffet to celebrate mine and Elder Wing's birthdays. Should be pretty fun and if I survive eating beans instead of rice, I'll tell you all about it next week.

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