Sunday, January 16, 2011

Elder Smith

On January 1st, Luke wrote:
As I am writing this letter, I'm happier than a little boy on Christmas. Why? Because President just called and told me that I'm headed off to paradise in a few days. Headed off to BORA BORA!... It's the island everyone in the mission wants to serve on, even the natives. I don't know why President decided to bestow such a gift upon me, but all I know is that I couldn't be happier... When you read this, I will be in heaven teaching the gospel...

Today a guy wanted to trade me cocaine for my tennis shoes. Our neighborhood has a lot of drugs go through and a lot of not so high class people. So I get stuff like "Yo missionary, you sure you don't want some weed?" "Yeah I'm good brother. You sure you don't want the blessings of the gospel?" "Yeah I'm good." Just about everyone in the neighborhood knows who we are and despite the drugs, and not so reputable people, we are well-liked and very safe...

... If someone offers you something to eat here, you say yes, then you eat a lot. So don't feel bad, Mom, if I get home and don't want to eat right away. It's because all we do here is eat and to be honest, I'm more excited to be home because of the ability I will have to not eat if I don't want to.

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