Thursday, October 20, 2011

Elder Litton

Nick in Scott's room - they're related now, you know.

Oh hey fellow participants in this here journey we call life....
So... crazy week. BIG changes and BIG blessings. A week of suprises.... bitter sweet.

First off... i recieved a call from President Pingree on friday. It started out as a normal advise for my district for transfers kind of call... He was worried about a few people and a few assignments but we talked about things and got stuff worked out. I asked about a few of our investigators and some of the problems or issues getting in the way of baptism it was good. Right when i was about to tell him hasta luego he was like.... there is one more thing. I need you to be a Zone Leader. Yep... that was a shock. Im training a new missionary right now and with the new program we were pretty much promised that we would be together for 2 transfers so i was 99 percent sure i was staying... i guess the Lord had a different idea. It was a hard assignment to say yes too... i mean.. i love my greenie companion and we have like 10 baptisms coming up... the area is bumpin. I love the branch, love the people here and was sure i was staying to finally see the fruits of all my hard work come to pass.... i worked sooo hard here. I sort of froze when he said that and really didnt know what to say. I told him he was asking for something really hard... i really wanted to stay to see all this play out. All these people getting baptised know me... i felt like i needed to be there for them. So i explained all of that to him and he was like i need you to do this. We are opening up a new zone (pretty much a mega zone with 2 combined...HUGE) and i need you there to do it. I feel very strongly that this is where you need to be. I know President Pingree and i know he really prays about these things until he receives confirmation from the Lord. So well... i accepted. Ya.. it was hard. My companion will now be in a trio (a group of three missionaries) with the other spanish missionaries in Conroe and they will just combine the areas. The good thing is i really do trust him.. he is an amazing missionary.. still working on spanish obviously but the other spanish missionaries that he will be with will have his back... they are way legit too. So at least im leaving all these people in good hands... still worried about it but the Lord knows what happening way better than i do... as i prayed i just felt him telling me..."Trust Me". So.. i will. Im going to Houston...the city. Gangs... Guns... graffiti... and lots of apartments im i guess im supposed to be leading a mega zone down there. No idea what the Lord was thinking when he made that decision... haha. I just gonna do what ive been best at my whole mission... "Fake it 'till i make it". We will see how that works out.

Anyways... enough of that and right to the good stuff. So... starting with Sandy. Its been a crazy week with her. She changed her own date to sooner... for the 25th of this month. Then the next day she wasn't nearly as excited.... then she got sick... than this than that... Roller Coaster... but finally knowing she was ready just planned for someone to come up for the interview anyway. She did not think she was ready... so nervous. Doubting herself. But we helped her get to church and during one of our classes had her interview. I have never been so nervous for someone on my whole mission... or even longer. I was just waiting outside praying... it was long. i heard bit and pieces but didnt know the verdict... well.... SHE PASSED!!! we were soo stoked. I have never worked harder to help someone with something in my whole life... especially something this important. I was just happy... so happy for her. We were taking her back to class with her little baby and she stoped me right before and was like... i need to tell you something.... i want you to baptise me. So im coming back next sunday to baptise Sandy... Im so stinkin stoked that it all worked out. Now we just got to make it all happen this week. Well.. i only got a few days... just got to keep her strong. Satan works hard in this super important week... got to keep him out of there.

We also had 3 other interviews this week... Diego, Gabby, and Rafael. Dulce Marias kids. There solid... especially Rafael. They all passed and will all be baptised next Sunday also. Im so excited for them. They have all told us they have noticed such a change in there home... They say it just feels good. Thats called the Gospel of Jesus Chirst. Its a good train... get on it. I love that family soo much. The Mom, Dulce Maria, is what you would call one of the elect. Just so excited to be a member of Christs church... telling all her friends... im a mormon. Love it.

Also Consuelo has a date for October 9th to be baptised and Margarit is still moving along to be baptised also on the 9th. More good things. Tons of others on the way...But im leaving, oh well.

Cecilia finally had her appointment with the Lawyer... we worked so hard to make that happen. She just needs to qualify for a few things and she will be divorsed in about 3 months. Praying it all goes smoothly. Now her Boyfriend Luis is getting a lot more interested... i think this might be how it was meant to be.

It was supposed to sort of be confidential that i was leaving because were supposed to find out on Tuesday but i told Sandy and well i didnt think it through and we had a branch party and well... now everyone knows. They asked me to bear my testimony in Church and the whole 9 yards... it was hard. Cecilia started crying... i had to hold back tears, haha. She prayed in one of the classes and thanked our Heavenly Father for me because i brought her the gospel... Man. Best paycheck i could have ever got. Sandy almost started crying and well... im sad to leave. I love these people. Its amazing how much this gospel can change these so called strangers lives.... and now i can say there some of my closest friends. Love this branch. Worked my tail off to help it grow... even had missionary meetings with all the members so that they could start to help make their little branch into a Ward... i guess its not a little branch anymore. We had a Fiesta Latina on saturday... Way fun and so good for all the investigators we brought. Everyone brought food from the different countries (Mexico, Honduras, Puerto Rico....ect)... so good. I love food. Especially this food. Not to good on the body but whatever.

Anywho... wow, long email. Lots of random stuff. Lots of stuff happening. I dont know how this next week is going to turn out... probably really busy. To whoever read this whole thing you must really care about me. Thanks. haha. Yall have a nice one.

Elder Litton

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