Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elder Aaron Johnson

i had the most amazing experience this week!! here it is:

Miracles are happening down in AZ! So last monday elder allred and i went over to pat and jerris house and taught them the last little bit of lesson 4. which consists of the law of chastity and the word of wisdom and things like that. ( i taught the law of chastity...fun stuff...even if they are an older couple) then we taught about the word of wisdom. they said that they drink coffee and that it is something that they both have been perscribed by their doctors. (my heart sunk at this point...i thought that they would hav to push back their baptisimal date). apparently jerri has been getting these migranes since she was 17 and the doctors have no idea what causes them or what medication to give her. she has tried all sorts of pills and the doctors found that a cup of coffee a day and some tylenol do the best job in subdueing the pain. then pat said that he found that coffee boosted his blood pressure the best out of anything. so when they heard that they couldn't drink coffee if at all possible they were pretty skeptical. we explained to them that it is a commandment that we are supposed to keep our bodies clean and free from addiction and shared with them 1st nephi 3;7 ( which says that the lord gives no commandments that we cannot accomplish). so they committed to give it a shot and stop drinking coffee. then we offered to give them priesthood blessings. elder allred gave jerri a priesthood blessing then i got to give pat a priesthood blessing (my first one!!!) i was nervous i will not lie. it wasn't the prettiest but i think it got the job done. but anyways after we did that we left their home. we planned to meet with them on thursday to see how it was coming. on thursday they told us that they have been off of coffee since monday and that jerri has had NO headaches whatsoever and pat went to the doctor on wednesday and has no more blood pressure problems!!!!!!!!!!! i couldnt believe it. we just wanted to jump and shout for joy right then and there. it was amazing!! the best part was on monday after we left their house and as we were biking home i said a prayer in my mind that everything would work out...and right then and there i got a spiritual witness that everything would work out and that they would be ready on Dec 18th. talk about an answer to a prayer!! such a testimony builder for me...if it werent for the lord none of this wouldve happened. crazy!!!

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