Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Elders Smith and Ryser

Luke emailed from Tahiti: ""so yeah I'm not going to say much this week cause the computer is acting really stupid right now; but everything is going well. I'm still in Punaauia with the same companion... love you all, Elder Smith" Alas. Communication is spotty to and from his mission.

Nick is enjoying summer in Spain - hiking, sightseeing... and missionary work in the meantime. For his year mark, "I got to go to Burgos to do an interview for a guy to get baptized. He's all good to go. The elders there, being the great guys they are, made me a Reese's cake. You would have loved it. Also some fajitas. It was the most delicious filling meal I have ever had on the mission from an elder."

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