Sunday, September 26, 2010

Elders Litton and Pinnock

From Elder Litton: So...I have some pretty good news. They're sending a MTC choir down to sing for priesthood session and i made it. I think there's about 200 people who did. We had to fill out these forms about our prior experience and stuff and somehow i got in. I guess i'm glad i was in the childrens choir now. But for those that are going to priesthood session watch for me. Maybe they will do a big close up on my face so the world can see all my zits...haha. Im super excited though...its gonna be a way nice time. we have practice everyday now. Its sounds really good....but i need to memorize all the songs. Sooo much stuff to memorize here....Spanish, Gospel Stuff (lessons), and now all these songs. We have to have 3 back up songs on top of all the songs we already have just in case one of the general authorities passes out of something. So maybe this will give you a good reason to stay awake during priesthood, haha. jk

Other than that not much new this week. We have to teach the first lesson in spanish for the first time tonight so that should be interesting. Im starting to understand spanish pretty well but speaking is a whole different story. I guess i just keep on praying for the gift of tounges. haha

Something cool I learned this week.....The general authorities we have during our lifetime will be our judges along with our Heavenly Father. Thought that was neat.

Here's Elder Pinnock at the MTC!

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