Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Elder Andrew Menlove

Aloha! Or should i say Malo e lelei?! 
Without a doubt, this has been the craziest, most stressful, most rewarding week of my mission! I don't even know where to begin....
Monday and Tuesday i spent most of the time packing and saying goodbye to people. It was a bummer to leave Kauai. I truly love the people there, and the work was incredible. Kapa'a is doing way better than it has for years-July is going to be incredible for Elder Miller! I jumped the plane on Wednesday morning and headed back to the rock for transfer meeting. It was a tough to go back to the hustle and bustle of Oahu-there are WAY to many people on this island. Anyways my new companions are Elder Nawatu and Elder Mafi. These dudes are awesome! Elder Nawatu is from Fiji, and Elder Mafi is straight off the boat from Tonga. They're both hilarious and hard workers.  I'm back in the Honolulu Zone, but President totally changed it since i was there. We've got some big challenges here. About half the zone is new greenies, and the other half pretty new to both the mission and the area. President had a special assignment for us-we are whitewashing the Kahala Ward (the Cloward's ward and President's ward), and covering the Honolulu Tongan Ward! Holy Cow! The Kahala ward is also the American SIgn Language Ward, so i am learning both ASL AND Tongan! I can sign my name in ASL and say a little bit in Tongan but it's totally nuts. We are also pretty much homeless. Our pad has MAJOR plumbing issues and we cannot use the bathroom. We've been sleeping at other Elder's houses until we get a new place. Both the Wards are great-we went to about 7 hours of church yesterday. It's been really challenging to whitewash a new area but we have seen many miracles just the the past few days. The Lord is guiding us and helping us and that is all we need. 
Happy Fourth of July! Brother Cloward had a huge party at his house on Saturday and it was the Tongan Ward Conference yesterday! I walked in to find TWO PIGS sitting on the table! They don't eat till they're full here, they eat till its all gone and everyone hurts! So much for my working out in Kapaa. 
I don't have much time to write but i love you all and wish you the best. CTR!
Ofa Atu,
-Elder Menlove

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