Thursday, June 24, 2010

On Learning Two Languanges

Elder Luke Smith

June 4th 2010
My French is still really bad, and I had to look up like half the things I wanted to say, but still it’s amazing to think that 4 weeks ago all I knew how to say was Hello, and now I can carry on a conversation to an extent. We're starting on Tahitian in a week and a half, that's why I'm trying to speak as much French as possible so I can get more comfortable with it.

June 11th 2010
We started Tahitian last Saturday and its super hard to learn cause its not Latin based and all the words look the same and the sentence structure is different, but this time its not as bad cause I know I can learn it. When I started learning French I felt like there was no way I could learn it but now I look back to only 5 or 6 weeks ago and, I think that I can communicate and understand and teach perfectly fine in French, so I know I will be able to learn Tahitian as well. The days are starting to cruise by a lot faster, which is nice for me because the first 2 or 3 weeks seemed like an eternity. I'll be in Tahiti wondering what language the people are speaking before I know it. I can’t wait. I get along really well with my companions and district so that’s really good. And on Wednesday our zone gets 28 new missionaries including Bobby Cannon as you know.

June 18th 2010
We taught our first lesson in Tahitian. It didn't go great but for only learning Tahitian for a week and a half it was really good.

The Prophet visits the MTC

June 18th 2010
Next week … all the Apostles and the Prophet are going to be here. So our Tuesday night devotional will for sure have an Apostle maybe even the Prophet. Then on Friday we don’t have class because we have another big meeting with all the Apostles and the Prophet. I don’t know who will be speaking but I'm so excited for that.

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