Monday, July 2, 2012

Elder Pinnock

Elder Pinnock arrives home on Thursday, August 16th.  His homecoming is August 26th (with Elder Menlove) at the Stake Center at 10:45.  
This week was another great one!  Sorry for not writing Monday, p-day was changed to Tuesday.  Last week was a little crazy because E. Willmore went home and we had to do a million things.  We did divisions, made plans for the next change, had a baptism and we walked into two suprise "goodbye parties".  Elder Willmore was a great missionary and I love him to death, we worked well together.  The baptism that we had was Esther.  She has been a perfect investigator, she accepted everything very quickly and her son (who was already a member) was thrilled to see her baptized.  We have also seen a lot of our prayers answered this past week (thanks for your prayers).  Vicy Hilario and their son David went to church and have baptism dates for the 28th of July.  Amin and Gemma went to church as well and have baptism dates for the same day.  Ana the daughter of Esther also went to church and has a baptism date for 21st of July.  MIRACLES!  They are all repenting and it’s b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!  

We are very well prepared for this next change.  But I have been on my own as a zone leader for 3 days.  Yesterday was a REALLY busy day.  I had to travel to Tantoyuka for a baptism interview (with a member as my companion) and saw a couple of old members from Tantoyuka that I knew, taught 3 lessons, did divisions with the other elders, planned the travel plans of four elders and I spent the whole night talking with a few Elders that are having problems in their areas.  It was a crazy day!  I even forgot to eat that day (wasn't hungry).  I have learned a ton!

Your letter were nice this week. I am sure that Dad and Sarah will enjoy their trip to Costa Rica.  Jane impresses me.  Josh is smart for filling up the truck for Sarah (that’s my boy).  I LOVED your quote for the week Dad, I will apply it to this last change.  I love you all!

In response to questions, he wrote:
How was it saying goodbye to Elder Willmore? Weird,  we all loved him and we could tell that it was hard for him to say goodbye.  It makes me a little scared because I know that day is coming fast for me.
How was saying goodbye to the Calls? Good, we bought them a basket for tortillas and filled it full of letters from the zone.  Sister Call got all teary-eyed. 
Who is your new companion? Elder Bolon
What are your goals for the last 6 weeks of your mission?
1 5 baptisms
2 finish reading the Bible
3 read the Book of Mormon one more time
4 keep the rules DILIGENTLY
5 Push myself the most I can and be DILIGENT
6 complete the zone goal of 30 baptisims this change

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