Monday, December 26, 2011

Elder Aaron Johnson

Dear Family,
Since i just barely talked to you yesterday i will keep this brief! First off it was really good to talk to all of you! I really enjoyed hearing you voices! Sounds like things back home are going really well. It was fun to speak with you! It was the best Christmas present ever! I really liked all the ties that i got. Thanks for them! I am actually wearing Margot and Robs tie that they sent me. it was funny cause when I came out with their tie on a missionary told me "wow elder johnson that tie reminds me of DR. Mario!!!" It was pretty funny cause this is a tie from Robs mission and he called it his medicine tie and when he was feeling down he would wear that tie and it would make him feel better. Its true - it looks like a bunch of pills on this tie...awesome!!
Well Rebecca got baptized on Friday and will be confirmed this upcoming Sunday (she went out of town and wasnt able to make it to church)...Ty was baptized this past Saturday and was confirmed by elder Wilson. I got to baptize both of them which was really cool!! I was really nervous and i almost dropped Rebecca! but at the last minute i grabbed her by the back of the jumpsuit and with my strong unbelieveable rippling muscles saved the day (that last part was made up....but i really did almost drop her) Ty's baptism went alot smoother! afterwards i asked him how he felt...he said it just felt like he had a clear mind and everything made sense to him. Then he told me about his dad and how he wasn't really around for him when he was growing up...which forced Ty to live with his grandma (who is very religious in the navajo beliefs) then when he was older his dad came back into his life and helped him even more to accept the navajo beliefs. And then when his dad passed away 5 months ago from colon cancer and we came to his door...he said everything has just fallen into place. It was cool to see him recognize how the Lord has prepared him to accept the restored gospel! He said that "my dad would accept this too!" It was really cool to hear him bear his testimony. I feel very blessed to be able to be apart of his conversion. I love that family. they are awesome.
Well this morning we did our usual Monday call in to president taylor...and he told us that we finished out the year with 1024 baptism for 2011!!!! and he is anticipating that 2012 will also be a very strong and successfull year also. I am grateful to be serving here in this mission...i wouldn't have it any other way. i love phoenix arizona!
Well i will let you go. but thanks for making my Christmas on the mission a great one!!! Love you all and wish you happy new year.
Love Elder Aaron Johnson