Monday, July 2, 2012

Elder Menlove

Andrew's homecoming is August 26 at 10:45 at the stake center at 4917 Viewmont Drive.  He'll be speaking with David Pinnock.  Andrew snapped his collar bone in half, and he's very proud of the pictures of it, so I've included one of them.  He's done being AP, and is now the zone leader of the Laie zone, over the visitors' center, Polynesian Cultural Center, etc... It's apparently the "celestial kingdom" for the mission, so he's VERY happy to be finishing there! Below is an excerpt:

Whats up! Another awesome week up here. Every week just gets better and better! The baptism for the Cartwright Family will be on Saturday. It's going to be incredible. I'm pretty sure the entire Laie area will be at the baptism-everyone is excited for this family to join the church. Whenever we tell people who is getting baptized they smile and say WHAT! FOR REAL! The father, Bobby, is kind of a rough neck country guy but he's sooo tight. He owns a crane company and works super hard to keep it up and running. It's great to see their progression-the father, Bobby, quit smoking and drinking, and they have a love for the scriptures that is unbelievable! Everyone in church already thinks that they are members! It's wild and i can't wait! I'll send you pictures next week.
Update on my collar bone: It's doing great. I'm no longer in a sling, and i can move it around almost normally now. The doctor has me doing some physical therapy that will strengthen it. The only problem is that the scar tissue is growing into the plate and so i have to massage it out. And it feels wayyyyy good......but i'm pretty much back to normal and the work goes on! I'm still going to bring the sling with me when we go tracting. It's a guaranteed conversation starter and door opener! Everyone feels bad for the crippled missionary...Hahah works every time, suckers! 
So other than that, life goes on as normal. We decided to let the Tongan Ward feed us dinner every night. I'm sick and tired of eating white people food, i don't even like it any more. Especially spaghetti and lasagna. So we just told the Tongan Ward to take over our dinner calendar and feed us every night! I am definitely going to be fat when i get back. My weight is packing on since i can't exercise as hard as before. 
Tell the Mill's hi and be sure you go eat dinner with them. And i like the idea of memorizing the living Christ. I think i will do that.
Sorry it's short this week but we are off to work! We are going to make this the best week yet! I'm so excited for this zone and the work that's going on. 

I love you all! Thanks for all the letters and packages! I couldn't ask for a more supportive family!
Ofa lahi atu and Aloha!

-Elder Menlove

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